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Progress is Incremental

Finally got a new batch of pages done on the current book. Felt satisfying...

All of us probably have trouble juggling at certain times. This set of four pages seemed to be mocking me for a few weeks, just kind of moving around on my drawing table each day. I had some indecision about the environments. The two settings were basically the protagonist's workplace and some kind of bland franchise drugstore.

The start of fall classes went well, but it was obviously something to balance against comix production. Additionally, after a summer of only working on comix I had to dig in on some paintings and some other exhibition prep work. All of it is interesting stuff, but it felt like this project was languishing. For some reason I got a little surge of motivation, sketched a lot and pushed this batch of pages over the hump.

One of my favorite authors, Anthony Burgess, said in the foreword to his partial autobiography, "If you want to imagine the life of a writer, picture a desk." Not sure that's verbatim, but I love that quote and I just substitute a drawing table for the desk in my own mental picture. You make hundreds of marks, and then thousands of marks, you leave the ink and erase the pencil, you write some script and do the lettering. Then you rinse and repeat. Its actually pretty great.

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