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The River is On

Actually, the river has been back on for about a month now according to my in-house fishing guru. It's all about the shad, and "on" mostly means bass fishing.

A cast net hauls in the bait fish, and then those catch the predator fish. At the right time you can stand on the edge of our little section of the Chattahoochee and see the shad swirling around in schools. I am just passing on information here, I remain a fairly lousy fisherman.

There's a solid heron population that works the down-current side of our urban whitewater. My fishing guru sometimes throws them bait fish, but other times he taunts them with his casts. The herons have adapted to fishermen- they keep a distance but are very alert for free fish.

On this particular outing I brought my camera and my wacky zoom lens that seems to be suited for photographing animals. This guy was circling and occasionally diving... an osprey? Not totally sure on the identification here.

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