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Jerry Salz Studio Visit

This week I was very fortunate to have a studio visit with this well-known art critic. Jerry Salz visited our university as this year's Hunter Lecturer. After an extensive schedule of studio visits and a student seminar on Monday he delivered a very entertaining and well-received talk on Tuesday.

I pulled out a lot of pages from the current book-in-progress, and a bunch of originals from Boxridge Table. He has a strong interest in process and how the individual hand manifests itself in varied materials. There was a lot of different stuff out in the studio, but he didn't lose a beat moving from one work to another or comparing paintings and graphic novels.

Jerry had been talking about individual artworks for around 6 hours before he got to my studio, but he was still energized, perceptive and upbeat. He radiated a generous spirit, but still made substantive observations. Its always nice to spend time with someone who is a real pro at what they do!

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