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Boxridge Table Talk

Last March I delivered a talk at the CSU Library about the new graphic novel. I had a great introduction from Dan Rose- good friend, accomplished psychologist, cultural writer, philosopher & music critic. I also had the help of Emily Crews and Tom Ganzevoort in facilitating the whole library thing...

I will break out a few images here. I put this up to talk about childhood influences:

As a kid my entry point into art was my local library, which in my case was the Monroeville Public Library (there was a Trafford public library but the complete holdings would have fit in a minivan). The images here a from Mercer Mayer, Charles Schultz, and Stephen Kellog.

Later, when I was trying to figure out comix, there were a couple of artist who were super-inspiring and helpful. Covers here are from Daniel Clowes, Jessica Abel and Adrian Tomine. Does anyone else relate to this experience? Trying to figure out a new means of self expression and encountering some artists who can act as buoys, guideposts, whatever?

The lecture posted above is kind of long, but hopefully there are some interesting bits in it. If you have questions or comments send them to me and I will work them into another post!

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