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Year in Absentia

selfie in Nepal

Its been a little over a year since I have published a blog post, and I think the same is true for social media posts. Fall 2023 was my sabbatical, but in a way my sabbatical started in May of 2023 as I focused more an more on drawing and pulled away from other things. The photo above is a selfie I took in Nepal- going to Nepal was the craziest thing I did on sabbatical and I will post more about that soon.

comic pages in studio

Nepal was only two weeks. Most of the extra time I cleared out went to THE BOOK. At this point I am about 75% done. The pic above shows a couple of inked pages. Sitting to the left is my continuity draft. This is a bound sheaf on uncorrected prints that I can leaf through to make sure I am repeating scenes and, well, everything correctly. This book is going to be about 60 pages longer than The Boxridge Table. I'm very happy with how it is going but it is not a fast process and I still have not ETA on completion.

paintings in messy studio

There are some paintings that happened too, more posts on those will come soon. I know its a little strange or even uncool to post recaps of a past year, but I really don't lead a "daily post" kind of lifestyle. I'm going to try to start sharing more again though, and I hope that will be of some interest.

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