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The Tug Hill Plateau

Just came back from a week visiting my parents and I want to share a few things about the landscape they live in.

The Tug Hill Plateau is situated between Lake Ontario and the Adirondack mountains. In the winter it has some of the heaviest snowfall in the continental US. This August was a perfect time to visit- the weather was mild, the light was clear and bright and the fields were speckled with wildflowers.

The area is full of beautiful freshwater lakes, ponds, streams and rivers. There weren't even many bugs bothering us when we visited (the flies can be a nuisance early in the summer). We did a fair amount of fishing. Caught a few bass, but mostly just enjoyed the exploration.

We saw a fair amount of wildlife, most of which I didn't photograph. I did get some pics of this swallowtail caterpillar though. This little guy eats nothing but dill.

Lake Ontario is really like an inland ocean. The portions of the lakeshore that I tramped across were comprised of zillions of fist-sized round rocks. They clatter under your feet like crockery.

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