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Picture This

I am very happy to be included in this painting exhibition which is currently staged at the Lyndon House in Athens, Georgia. Many thanks to curators Didi Dunphy and Bill Eiland. The photo below shows two paintings by Cheryl Goldsleger. I love the restraint, geometry and expansive space in these paintings.

The Lyndon House has an interesting mix of spotlights and ambient daylight. I was delighted to see my works hung on the mezzanine floor with ample space. They were on the wall between Fahamu Pecou and Bo Bartlett.

I don't think I've posted any photos of these paintings yet. "Landscape with Lake" on the left and "Under the Bridge" to the right. "Under the Bridge" is egg tempera and oil, "Landscape with Lake" is all oil paint.

Below are Melissa Huang's beautiful paintings. The photos here are just ok- my apologies to all of the painters that I am posting in this entry. These pics are what I could do on my own with available light. Just be aware that the actual works have a lot more nuance and intensity in person. I think you can get an idea of the kaleidoscopic color patterns that Huang employs.

Cedric Smith and Tori Tinsley are two artists who I was aware of, but whose work I had not been able to see in person. I really enjoyed finally seeing some of their paintings in person and being able to experience their subtleties. Not to belabor the point, but this photo really isn't helping the paintings too much.

"Picture This" will be up at the Lyndon House until September 3rd. Check it out if you can, it really is worth the trip. Its a traveling show- I will post more as it goes elsewhere!

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