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More Paintings. And a haircut. That's what we need!

Ok, so its been awhile... finally got a haircut after about two years of COVID. Somehow during that time some paintings got done and I am prepping to send them out on the road. Thought I should post a few updates.

"Water Tower" is the title of this painting. As usual, influences include JG Ballard, Fallout 4, and my ramblings in western PA as a teenager. This is the oldest painting in the batch, finished it way before the shutdown but it will get a new audience this year.

"Shed with Effluent." Thought about this image for awhile before committing. I wanted to portray a store barfing out refuse, conflating consumer consumption with biological consumption. The body is lurking behind everything, right?

Here is a small square panel dealing with similar themes. This work is actually egg tempera and oil paint, making it one of the first successful (read: stable) egg tempera paintings that I have made. It will get the same framing treatment as the previous painting.

This one is about a yard wide and I haven't totally resolved a title for it. Took my time with this piece and I am happy with it. More and more these landscapes resemble the landscapes I used to see in dreams, or maybe I am changing my memory of old dreams to match the paintings...

This one is incomplete, and its not going out with the others, but I thought I would post it. It started out as a class demo and I really liked where it was going. I think I will push it to full resolution. The summer should be a good time to push a few paintings forward. I would like to relax my style of execution a bit and incorporate more material improvisation.

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I saw "The Water Tower" and your other unnamed one you said was "about a yard wide and I haven't totally resolved a title for it" at the Museum of Arts and Science in Macon. They're beautifully haunting. I thought about how maybe people feel there's a peace in a post-apocalyptic world, if only because modern problems would be displaced. The sky and whimsy clouds have an allure while there's a slight terror at the obvious desolation. Well done!

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