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Today I turned forty six. To mark this occasion I took some time to contemplate NATURE. The wonders of NATURE have assuaged doubt and soothed the troubled brows of many an artist throughout the ages...

I beheld this spectacle of NATURAL WONDER for nigh on two hours and then, though it had not reached its inevitable conclusion, I withdrew to partake of LUNCH. After my repast and a brief perambulation I returned to the this site of NATURAL WONDER and was greeted by other artists who, to my astonishment, were still watching the unfolding of said spectacle. Like myself, they drew inspiration and spiritual succor from their contemplations, which continued on well past the time I had anticipated. Indeed, this pastoral embodiment of the CIRCLE OF LIFE did not draw to a close until after I had eaten my DINNER.

Here is a PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGE of the room in which we undertake our ARTISTIC ENDEAVORS. At this point it is empty due to the fact that the artists are outside contemplating NATURE.

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