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Bolt Manor & St. Lawrence Seaway

Here's another entry from the travel and tourism department. While in NY my parents, my mysterious traveling companion and I went to Bolt Manor on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The waters of the seaway are clear with a blue cast, and peppered with beautiful rocky islands. Some of them are barely large enough to support the fishing cabins that have been built on them. The Canada/US border is somewhere in the water.

The manor itself is a robber-baron style castle. Mister Sir Bolt halted construction near the very end of the process when his wife died suddenly. The home remained vacant for a long time, and became a graffiti-strewn party spot in the 70's. The state eventually acquired it and began a lengthy restoration.

Much of the interior has been restored to its originally intended state. The upper floors are still somewhat raw but structurally sound with access to numerous balconies.

There are some great dungeon-like passages under the house, connecting various stairways and separate sides of the island. There is even a strange underground bathing pool. The middle picture above shows the bowling alley.

No, this is not a picture of a Harry Potter set, it is the powerhouse for Bolt manor. I guess if you build an obscenely huge palatial castle in the middle of a giant river you need your own power plant for it. Knowledge we can all use for the future.

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