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ACA Arrival

Arrived at the Atlantic Center for the Arts this evening, starting the process of settling in for a 3 week artists residency. The ACA uses a "Master Artist" format in which an artist selects and leads a group for the duration of the residency. Our Master Artist is Phoebe Gloeckner- a graphic novelist I have admired for some time. There are six of us that she chose for the program- met everyone this evening. The artists seem like very nice, genuine people and the ACA staff are super supportive. I will post more about the other residents here... today I will just regale you with some photos of the grounds (full disclosure: the first couple are lifted from their website).

Here's my view from inside my room after just dumping my stuff off. The immediate area is well preserved Florida forest adjoining salt inlets. I've already seen a bit of wildlife (gopher tortoise, snake) and hope to see more.

The lead up to my departure got a little dicey... Thursday morning I jacked my back up doing some not very smart furniture moving. It was unusual- suddenly I was unable to even lean forward to pick something up off of a coffee table. With Hannah's help I carried out a therapeutic regimen as best I could and Saturday morning was able to do some gentle twists and get 4 loud, cracking readjustments that seemed to realign everything. One of the bad parts of this was that we bailed on a pretty cool plan to go canoeing on Friday. I have to settle for posting a drawing I made after our last canoe trip. Had to do it from memory, I didn't take my sketchbook onto the river.

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