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A Drawing Class

Closed the books on another Spring semester. As usual I have a bunch of demonstration drawings lying around. Most of them don't really get finished, and a fair number of those end up in the trash. Some turn out ok. This one is an oil pastel study. This material is a great ice breaker to start color mixing.

Conte twin portrait. I like this drawing material, but for some it can be a little intimidating since it really doesn't erase. Great travel medium if you want to do 30 minute life studies on site.

We had 4 models for the class this semester. Lots of great figure drawing sessions that were focused and relaxed. The group of students that I had really had a great tempo and level of engagement while we drew together. The paper on the above study is a canson paper with a woven texture on it, kind of small (11 x 14 inches?). I enjoy working on a middle tone for observational drawing.

This one is obviously not very far along, but I kept it because I was happy with the posture and the sprung pose of the feet. In-class demonstrations are a little random in terms of how much time I actually spend on them, since I am getting up frequently to circle the room and see how all of the students are doing. It would have been fun to keep going with this one.

This one is actually from an earlier semester, but I always bring it out to introduce color mixing. This is how my oil pastel studies go on a good day, sometimes they come out a little flat and monotonous. Oil pastel can also be a great way to start off an oil painting. Its possible to draw straight onto the canvas with it and then start applying your paint.

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